Trail Magic

Last night was wonderful. Not in a generic sense, but of all of the things visible from the campsite.

It started out with an incredible setting of the sun over the desert 4,000 feet below. The shadows of the mountain range slowly extended out until the light fell below the horizon. City lights on the southern side of the Salton Sea began to light up as thousands of stars above came into view. I laid in my bivy and watched planes, satellites and shooting stars zip overhead. At 0350, Andrew and I woke up to watch an Atlas 5 launched from Vandenberg AFB streak across the sky on its way to deliver a lander to Mars.

I stayed up for the rest of the night and caught the sunrise from the same spot. At 0800, I hit the trail with the goal of 15 miles. Around lunchtime, I pulled into a campground where ultra-marathoners from San Diego had set up a hiker feed. It being Cinco de Mayo, I filled a small bowl with some Ruffles and poured a bit of salsa on top. It’s the best I could do. I downed a Gatorade and Coke, took a small nap and returned to the trail around 1500. Water is beginning to become scarce. With a liter on me, I aimed to finish my day at the last resupply point before an 18-mile waterless stretch.

On arrival to the Sunrise Highway trailhead, I found a cooler full of ice, beer and Coke, grabbed the latter and picked out a spot in the field to settle-in for the night.

Start: 45.3 Tentsite

Finish: 59.5 Sunrise Trailhead
Total: 14.2

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