I woke up this morning on the floor of a cabin beside a propane fireplace. While lounging around camp the prior evening with a hiker from Illinois, we were invited indoors by a young Canadian woman who was departing the trail for a impromptu but short break. After some conversation, we cut the lights at 2100 and set our alarms for 0500.

After packing up and evacuating the cabin, I hit the trail at 0600. The day was mostly spent walking uphill, but unlike the previous days, the skies were clear and the temperature rose from 45 degrees to a comfortable 85. Maintaining my desire to start off slow, I arrived at Cibbet Field campground around 1730; an overall pace of about a mile per hour. With hikers already leaving the trail behind because of injuries, and my own experience of being over-ambitious during the first few days of long-distance hikes, acclimatization is incredibly important and too-often ignored.

Finding water has not been difficult so far. Tomorrow will involve gorging on hot food in Mount Laguna. I’m aiming to camp a mile or two north of town to avoid the high cost of lodging.

Start: 20.0 Lake Morena Campground
Finish: 32.6 Cibbet Flats Campground
Total: 12.6

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