After a restless night of sleep, I knew that there was a good chance that I wouldn’t make it far today. I was packed and on the trail by 0900 and immediately met with the task of climbing the steep thousand-foot climb out of Hauser valley.

The climb wasn’t as taxing as I had imagined and I was able to summit within a couple of hours. The difficulty was the weather. The high for today was 45 degrees. Accompanying the unusually chilly temperatures was a mist that soaked me to the core.

On the backside of the mountain sits Morena Lake which hosts a $5 campground and a restaurant and store.

After arriving at the campground, I checked into the ranger station and walked the quarter-mile to the local restaurant and gorged on pizza and Coke.

After wrapping up my meal, I headed back to the campground for a shower before darkness fell.

Start: 15.4
Finish: 20.0
Total: 4.6

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