Mile-High Desert View

I spent the night at Cibbet Flats with a hiker named Andrew from Portland by way of Atlanta. We did the routine generalized camp conversation bit and went to bed around 2100.

I’m not exactly sure what happened. At 0300, almost instinctively, my upper body lunged erect from sleep in one swift motion, I turned my head around and noticed what looked like a skunk bolting from opposite my position. Since I was up and wide awake, I shot some photos of the night sky and promptly returned to sleep.

The morning consisted of a 250-foot climb out of Cibbet Flat’s back to the trail on the ridge above. The trail meandered its way to 6,000 feet over eight or nine miles and provided a spectacular view of Mount Laguna (the community, not the mountain.) After arriving in town, I dropped by the only restaurant, scarfed down a wonderfully prepared cheeseburger with chili and cheese fries and a coke and took a three-hour siesta on the front porch of the general store.

I wrapped up the day by waddling (chafing is still an issue) another three miles north to a campsite overlooking my first view of the actual desert and the Salton Sea.

I never thought of California as one of the more scenic states, but as I move north, my mind is being changed. It’s amazingly beautiful.

Start: 32.6 Cibbet Flats Campground
Finish: 45.3 Tentsite 3
Total: 12.7

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