Dry Hot American Summer

I woke up around 0700, packed my stuff and topped off my water bottles. With an 18-mile carry, I poured a couple of liters into my dromedary bag as well.

I put a few miles into the dirt and took a short break to check in with some friends. After a few more miles, I began looking for some shade to get a respite from the mid-day sun. It’s getting brutal.

I started back up around 1400 and came across an unexpected water cache shortly after. While topping off my supply wasn’t necessary, I decided to err on the side of caution. It turned out to be a good idea as I needed that last bit the following morning.

Moving on, I came across my first rattlesnake of the trip. I’m not too worried about venomous snakes because they want as much to do with me as I, them. The unnerving part of this episode was that no warning was provided. I planted my left foot six inches from the thing before it decided to get all pissy. I didn’t see it ahead of time because it was hidden beneath a bush on the side of the trail. The fact that it chose not to strike gave me some assurance for future encounters.

I came across a father and son duo from Minnesota in the early evening who were taking a break in the shade of a ridge line. After talking about canoeing the boundary waters and the Northern Tier, we agreed to push on to the next campsite for the night. We found a nice bluff a mile into our jaunt and slept under the stars.

Start: 59.5 Sunrise Trailhead

Finish: 70.?

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